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2009-12-12 13:12:34 by DJcowman2000

My first song is here, well almost, just need to wait for the audio patrol or whatever the hell they call them self. But i will post the link when it's there!

Title Techno Lisno *DEMO*
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churo666 has three other people how whats to be there musician. looks like it's a battle of the music


2009-05-18 17:50:32 by DJcowman2000

(DJ)cowman2000 here. I'm teaming up with churo666 for power of three! i do music. churo does art. and i don't know if we have a programmer! (if we don't your welcome to)
check churo666 art! Churo666 art for power of three!


2009-05-13 17:44:24 by DJcowman2000

cowman2000 is my other account. and I F*cking love this site! I'm going to post music here, just need to make it. if any artist wants me to remix there song, i can do that, so just send me a message!